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About Us

Hello! We’re Antenna Radio – Feel the mood, Love our Music!

Founded in 2012, Antenna Radio are listened to by more and more people around the World on numerous platforms, including Roku and Orange TV.

I love the fact that I can now listen to Antenna Radio here on our Roku TV, you play an amazing range of music that other stations around me no longer play.

“Playing YOUR kind of music” is not just a slogan, but it is what we all feel as a team. Antenna Radio are here to keep you entertained with intelligent news and information as well as playing a wide range of music.

The Antenna Radio playlist is crafted a team of dedicated individuals based on feedback from our listeners. We play songs from the 80s, 90s and 00s, alongside the best current chart music from around the world.

Yo! I can’t believe you just played ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and then a song from ‘Imagine Dragons’, its crazy how fresh it sounds mixing old and new songs together, you guys ROCK!

Our listeners choose Antenna Radio because they feel we plays a great variety of music and give them the information, news and entertainment they want throughout the day. Antenna Radio is set up to connect with our listeners, playing the right songs to get them up in the morning, keep them going throughout their working day and then helping them to relax in the evening.